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Credence continues to support those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In case you have COVID- 19 symptoms, please get the FREE online COVID Medical Evaluation of your condition. If required, follow it up with an online consult with our specialist doctor. Credence also brings an affordable homecare recovery plan for asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic COVID-19 patients. To proceed please fill the Free Evaluation form below.

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The Credence COVID-19 Homecare Recovery Plan

Free Online Medical Evaluation

Considering the precipitous surge in the COVID cases in the India, Credence brings you an effective and highly efficacious homecare recovery plan for asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic COVID- 19 patients.

We are there to help all those who are impacted by the COVID-19. In this need of the hour, we are pleased to offer our free online evaluation of your medical condition.

Once the COVID suspect (patient) fills up and submits the adjoining Virtual Covid- 19 evaluation form, our medical associate will connect and revert within 4 working hours (9:00 am to 7:00 pm IST) to provide a one time free of cost evaluation of the medical condition.

Online Video Consultation with the specialist Doctor

Post the evaluation of the patient’s medical evaluation, if it is determined that medical prescription is required, we offer an online video consultation with a post graduate specialist doctor.

For the video consultation, you shall need to create a free account on our portal (existing users just need to log in). After creating an account, if possible, the patient is open to upload the medical records along with the COVID-19 Monitoring Chart link. Thereafter, upon payment of doctor’s consultation fee and fixing an online appointment with the recommended doctor, the doctor shall provide a video consult to the patient along with the required medical prescription.

Credence Covid-19 Homecare Recovery Plan

During these unprecedented times, hospitals are short of oxygen & beds and wards are full of COVID-19 positive patients. It is not recommended that asymptomatic or people with mild COVID symptoms should seek hospitalization or clinical medical care. The best possible option for such patients is home quarantine and recovery at home. However, medical supervision and monitoring of patient is on importance to ensure that their condition doesn’t get complicated. To cater to the above situations, we are offering the Credence Covid-19 Homecare Recovery Plan.

This Plan is ideal for

Asymptomatic & Mildly symptomatic Patients

Patients with SPO2 more than 94

Patients intending to monitor daily recovery

Cost of 7 day plan US$30

Cost of 14 day plan US$40

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When to go the hospital

In case of severe under mentioned symptoms, patients are strongly advised to visit the nearest COVID care facility immediately. Symptoms requiring immediate clinical care and hospitalization emergency include

Difficulty breathing
Nasal discharge
Pain on cheek bone
Blackish discoloration over the nose bridge
Blurred or Double vision
Dry Cough
Shortness of breath when at rest
Oxygen saturation level below 90%
Persistent pain in chest
Loss of smell/ taste
Confusion or inability to wake
Severe diarrhea